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  1. Gary Mac

    Experience with Apogee's Homemade Rail Button Plans?

    Does anyone have experience flying Apogee's recommended plans for rail guide buttons made from 1/4-20 pan head machine screw and assorted hardware fasteners? Interesting idea, not sure how well it works in person. https://www.apogeerockets.com/education/downloads/Newsletter334.pdf
  2. lowga

    Do Rail Guides Really Improve Performance?

    On the surface, this seems like a silly question. Eliminating rail buttons, launch lugs, or similar protrusions from the airframe of a rocket shortly after launch would seem to eliminate a source of drag, and thus improve performance. But I'm curious if this has been tested in the real world...
  3. SCP

    SC Precision Airfoil Rail Guide manufacturing video

    Just for fun I posted a time lapse video of the machining operations (CNC and other) it takes to make the 10 series Airfoil Rail Guides. Its on Instagram, look for my account "SC_Precision". Just thought it could be interesting.