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  1. beretta

    Combining live telemetry data (915 MHz) and video (5.8 GHz) transmissions on a display for a 10km launch?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help for combing live telemetry (915 MHz) and video (5.8 GHz) on one display for a 10km supersonic launch. I currently have: Telemetry TX: - Eggtimer Quasar (915 MHz) Video TX: - Walksnail Avatar HD V2 TRX - Avatar V2 1.9 dBi antenna Ground side: - Raspberry...
  2. J

    Radio Questions for Telemetry Transmission

    Hello! I am in my university's Rocket Club and am trying to design our telemetry transmission system for our Avionics Team. We are building our own hybrid-engine rocket, and our first launch is expected to reach an apogee of approximately 500 meters. We want to send data from sensors...
  3. macking

    Long Range GPS Tracking

    Hello, I am new both on the forum and into rocketry so apologies if I make any mistakes! I am working on developing the GPS recovery system for my rocketry club and have been considering two options 1) Developing my own tracking system & ground station 2) Buying out-of-the-box solutions For...
  4. BremoSupremo

    Does anyone here have experience with LORA Radio for flight computers or the Meshtastic system?

    I recently purchased a device called a LILYGO T-Beam, which is a supposedly long range LORA communicator usually used for hikers outside cell networks to broadcast back their GPS location when they have no signal. It is based on the ESP32 architecture and is theoretically programmable to send...
  5. J

    RFM95W transceiver convert packet to variables

    I'm working on a radio-based rocket tracking ground camera, and have RFM95W transceivers for communication. I'm wanting to send multiple pieces of data (a time tag and 3d acceleration) in a single packet to reduce transmission losses, and I've gotten the Arduino code for simple transmit/receive...
  6. K

    TeleMega/TeleDongle Communication - Range Issues

    Firstly, I apologize if this has been posted before, but I've been unable to find anything related to my issue. Shoot me a link if a thread exists. I'm currently experimenting with a ground station that will be communicating to a TeleMega v3.0 on a rocket that will fly to approx. 30k ft. I am...