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  1. BremoSupremo

    Rocket Paraglider - Flying A Traditional High Power Rocket Back to You!

    So I may be new to this forum but I am not new to rocketry. With that in mind I cam up for this concept of what I like to call "active recovery" where the parachute is controlled in some way. The idea here is that after being inspired by an Radio controlled paraglider I saw, why not incorporate...
  2. Micro Knight

    Sold Hobby Labs SR-71 BLACKBIRD Rocket Powered R/C Glider NEW

    I purchased the kit when they were first released because it was an awesome design, but never had time to play Never been assemble or flown Its a BIG box, so that may delay shipping an extra day or so as I get a proper fitting shipping box. R/C version (radio included, flight electronic...