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  1. Frosty_Burrito

    High Aspect Ratio Airframe

    Hello everybody. I've got a rocket I am working on with an aspect ratio of about 22.5 (length to diameter). At this point, I am not concerned, but I was wondering at what point I would start to encounter issues or have to take other considerations into account if I were to increase the length...
  2. RalPh8

    JL Chute Release questions

    At the last Tripoli launch I was at there were a number of us using the JL Chute Release. I bought my JLCR back in 2015 or 2016 when they first came out. That said, we had a number of people (including myself) have their rockets hit the ground with the parachute not unfolded. After I got my...
  3. M

    Any Couplers or Motor Mounts for 50mm Rockets?

    I'm designing a rocket and found a Klima 50mm diameter bodytube and a 50mm nose cone, but couldn't find any motor mounts or couplers, has anyone else found any, or should I just go with a BT-60 or BT-70?