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  1. CKaul04

    Quest Tomahawk Cruise Missile

    Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a Quest Tomahawk Cruise Missile model rocket or have a link to the instructions and fin drawings so I can build it my self? Oh. and the decals Thanks, Colin
  2. 75Grandville

    Micro Maxx in a Time of Coronavirus - flyin' in the driveway! (Continued)

    This is the before shot. Also doubles as my entry in the "rockets you worked on during conference calls while working from home" thread. And "rockets I repaired after finding all of the pieces." And "rockets I completed after finding half a kit, kinda squished." Shout outs to: eRockets...
  3. Co-leader of the LRP

    Building a Quest Astra 1 - Anything I Should Know?

    I got an Astra 1 rocket (by Quest) for Christmas, and I just started building it today. I noticed that the motor mount tube seems a tad flimsy, so I put a used motor in it for during-assembly reinforcement. Does anyone else have anything I should know about it?
  4. Jacob Ritzke

    Old Quest BP motors

    I recently purchased a dozen or so different Quest BP motors (b6-2 b6-4 a6-4 c6-3 and a D5-0p) from a vendor who had some leftover stock. I figured I would test some to see how they held up after siting in a box for a few years. Today I flew three a6-4's in an Estes Alpha VI, the 60th...