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  1. N

    Eggtimer Quantum - No continuity but deployment test fires.

    Ive got a strange issue with my latest Eggtimer Quantum. It’s my 3rd and not seen this problem on the previous two. FWIW I’ve prob built around 10 kits with no major issues on initial startup. It boots up ok and the WIFI Connects. But when I put a load on the deployment channels, I dont get...
  2. davdue

    Big Red Bee / Egg Finder Interference

    I am building a Wildman Dink for LDRS. It will be headend dual deploy with a EggFinder Quantum for the altimeter. I would like to put my Big Red Bee BRB900 tracker in with the Quantum. Does anyone have any experience with these two being together? Normally the tracker would go in the...