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  1. V

    One pyro device for two pyro channels on TeleMega/EasyMega

    I'd like to have two pyro channels run to the same e-match for my TeleMega and redundant EasyMega. From the manual, it seems to say I can simply solder the wires running into the positive terminals together, and the two wires running into the negative terminals together. Resulting in a sort of...
  2. Gerald T

    Continuity Check Circuit Issue

    Hi All, I am attempting to make my own altimeter. I designed an ematch firing circuit which I believed should have worked and allowed the microcontroller I am using to detect continuity when activated (Like a commercial altimeter). However, when I assembled the PCB and tested it, the ematch...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Pyrotechnic booster separation

    I've seen several threads that doscuss HPR booster separation but haven't seen any actual, workable designs or flights. The electronics to airstart and separate boosters pyrotechnically exist in several altimeters/flight computers so that is the relatively easy part. But the design/fabrication...