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  1. jbgust

    Finocyl, star and end burner grain now available on METEOR

    Hi, First, best wishes for the new year. Today I publish a new version of METEOR. You can now use many different grains configuration (hollow cylinder, finocyl, star and end burner). Let me remind you that: you can also use your own propellant. export the motor result in RASP format (to use...
  2. M

    Which is a better method of propulsion? Ion engine or ablative laser propulsion?

    Ablative laser propulsion seems like a good bet because it works in both atmosphere and a vacuum and just seems better than Ion engines.
  3. J

    Propellant composition

    Hi all, I'm an student doing its final degree project in aerospace engineering. My project is to design a nozzle for the rocket that we do in our university, I have been gathering information but I can't seem to find the following: Regarding Aerotech engines: - Which composition is the Redline...