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  1. A

    Alternate Binders

    Howdy! I'm making my own batch of solid fuel and need a good binder. PBAN in large quantities is either expensive or hard to come by, and other types of binders are, again, expensive or hard to come by. Does anyone have an alternative binder? Like a flammable epoxy? Sadly epoxies nowadays are...
  2. jbgust

    Finocyl, star and end burner grain now available on METEOR

    Hi, First, best wishes for the new year. Today I publish a new version of METEOR. You can now use many different grains configuration (hollow cylinder, finocyl, star and end burner). Let me remind you that: you can also use your own propellant. export the motor result in RASP format (to use...
  3. M

    Which is a better method of propulsion? Ion engine or ablative laser propulsion?

    Ablative laser propulsion seems like a good bet because it works in both atmosphere and a vacuum and just seems better than Ion engines.
  4. J

    Propellant composition

    Hi all, I'm an student doing its final degree project in aerospace engineering. My project is to design a nozzle for the rocket that we do in our university, I have been gathering information but I can't seem to find the following: Regarding Aerotech engines: - Which composition is the Redline...