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    In-house Rocket Motor development for 3-D printed model rocket

    Hi all! I've 3D printed a model rocket structure using ABS that's around 29.5 cm in height with a body radius of 5 cm. The overall structure weighs around 170 grams without onboard electronic & propulsion subsystems. Inside this, I plan to mount an IoT module for flight data collection. But...
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    GOX Delrin Hybrid Development

    My particular interest is in developing and testing a GOX Delrin (Acetal; Polyoxymethylene) Hybrid. While I have explored GOX HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), I believe that the GOX-Delrin 'system' may provide a number of advantages over GOX - HDPE.
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    Sold Vacuum pump for propellant degassing

    Hiah folks, I have a 1 stage vacuum pump VP125, but it also includes a 1/2 inch 12x12 plexiglass cover, rubber inner tube seal, vacuum gauge and release valve designed to work on a Kitchen-Aid 6 quart mixer. Works perfectly. Specs: 1/4 HP, 5 Pa, 3CFM. More than adequate for drawing gas out...
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    Fuel grain geometry

    Hey guys, I'm currently into building my own motors and was wondering if anyone else out there currently uses star grains? I currently use a bates grain configuration (basically multiple toilet paper roll shapes stacked together with a slight gap between each) but I end up taking a long time to...