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    How to use Liquid fuel in a standard model rocket

    For a project for my world history class, I'm supposed to complete standards about the progression of technology and the development of rockets and nuclear warheads. My plan was to build three. One for the types of fuel during the cold war (still working on) 1 for between the cold war and the...
  2. J

    Bottle Rocket Project [Help]

    Hello! I’m currently doing a project for my Science class. Basically, we have to design a rocket from water bottles and try to make it have the most airtime. This includes from the time it launches to when it falls on the ground, parachute deployed and all. I’ve done a lot of research but...
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    Propellant composition

    Hi all, I'm an student doing its final degree project in aerospace engineering. My project is to design a nozzle for the rocket that we do in our university, I have been gathering information but I can't seem to find the following: Regarding Aerotech engines: - Which composition is the Redline...