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  1. frogglicker

    Scratch Build - Upscaled 3-in "Menace-3D"

    Intro: Over on another thread in the 3D Printing section, there's a friendly competition going on: TRF Challenge #1: Estes Menace and I thought this would be a great opportunity to push myself to learn more Fusion 360. I started back in March 2023 to 3D print small parts, and started...
  2. cwbullet

    3D Printing TIPS for better 3D Prints

    This thread is a list of 3D printing tips. If you have an addition, post a thread and send me a link to the thread by PM or Conversation. Tip Links: First Layer Tips Information on 3D printer bed surface preparation Sweet method for bed preparation Fixing layer shifting Prusa: Status of and...