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  1. @modelrocketguy

    LOC Precision SkinWalker - SWR-004

    Hey all... I flew my =AZXHXaJFE7uPzm74IVNthV9oG1jHPH3x7oOxR6EkaU6g4H2k30S0sjR9I1otBeaqUyQJyzokm1LuNHAMxySPDJ-KsWtTIXd_Hta_AcEldMEOE04z50YnYHOuxjGoZAm6-ZekVkgj07-oResYu0sErYW65y2iE1dWCYISKXdMoid0pf8ElIy2LOB5KJav-OHBuFU&__tn__=kK-R']LOC Precision SkinWalker SWR-004 on Labor Day at...
  2. RalPh8

    Got my L2 done!

    Got my L2 over the weekend with Tripoli North Texas! Great time launching and meeting folks. Here’s video of the flight: Flight details in the video description.
  3. wmay78

    Anyone flown the PML Phobos on H motor without the payload section

    I am building the PML Phobos made of QT and am using Single deployment with a chute release. on the level one motors I was thinking about not using the payload section to make the rocket lighter. I can run it on Rocksim but was wondering if anyone had already done this.