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  1. jhill9693

    Sold PerfectFlite MiniAlt/WD dual deploy altimeter

    Lightly used, appears to be in good condition. Sold as-is. $40 shipped. Pay via PayPal or Venmo. Full specs here:
  2. S

    Wanted PerfectFlite altimeter needed for TARC team

    Hello everyone! I am part of a TARC team located in Edgewater, Maryland. In one of our test flights, the nose cone became detached from the rocket along with the altimeter, and we lost the altimeter. The final qualification flights are due on April 4th, and we are unsure if we can get an...
  3. 58pan

    Perfectflite Amplified External Beeper?

    Anyone know what's up with these? I bought a StratoLogger CF a year ago with the upgrade Audio/LED connector for a Amplified External Beeper. The beepers were out of stock at the time but I figured I would pick some up later. It's been a year now and I was going to buy another CF and the...