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  1. A

    Lowering the CG of a high-power rocket

    Hello all, I am trying to build a rocket that will go up to 2000 feet, but its stability as of now is 2.56, which I think is a bit too much. I was just thinking that I could add some weight above the top centering ring to lower the CG and therefore lower the stability. Does anyone know any...
  2. Alan R

    DX3 - How does NC attach?

    Building a regular 2.6" cardboard Madcow DX3. Was following along the instructions, but there's nothing there about how you attach the nose cone. The DX3 has a payload section, the shock cord attaches to the bulkhead at the base of it. Nose cone in the top. But what do you do with the nosecone...
  3. ReconRocketman

    3D Printing Is Electroplating too much metal?

    I know were not supposed to use "any significant metal parts" but i have been experimenting with electroplating nickle to ABS plastic. i was wondering if I were to plate nickle to the payload section for increased durability if this would violate the safety rules? the plated section would house...