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  1. Bungie64

    Wanted Estes Mammoth nose cone

    Anyone have an Estes Mammoth nose cone they are willing to sell me?
  2. Big Red Rocketeer

    Help with Space Shuttle 1284

    Hello, I've recently gotten back into this hobby after starting when I as in Junior High back in the early 70's then taking a break, going to college, getting married and having kids. Got back into it in the mid 90's and then took another long break until just recently when I rediscovered my...
  3. Dr.Zooch

    More Dr. Zooch parts

    Since closing production of Dr., Zooch Rockets and handing that off to eRockets, I found myself with a LOT of new, custom-milled balsa parts. You see, eRockets mills their own parts. So, I figured that many of the folks out there who are scratch-builders would like to make use of these unique...
  4. Dr.Zooch

    Dr. Zooch parts

    Okay gang, the last of the Dr. Zooch parts lots are now up on e-bay. For the first time since 2004 my parts bins are all empty. Some of the current lots have bids and will run for a few days and at least 3 at this moment have the buy-it-now option. Frankly, I'm amazed at how these got scooped...