parallel staging

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  1. ReynoldsSlumber

    Old tractors, new tractors: Flying Pitchfork, Cluster F, TetraJet

    Inspiration In the days of yore, when reading G. Harry Stine's Handbook of Model Rocketry, an image toward the end of the chapter on staging struck me: The wheels in my head started spinning and couldn't be stopped. Pitchfork I built an Estes BT-50-based tractor parallel-staged model...
  2. M

    Simulating parallel staging in a cluster (in OpenRocket).

    Silly thought, but one I had in the shower earlier today. Is there any way to simulate parallel staging in a cluster? Specifically, I'm thinking of a situation where you'd have several very large motors strapped together in a cluster, and then only certain sets (in symmetrical pairs) would be...