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  1. wij

    Large/Heavy Rocket Recovery.

    I have searched the recovery forum for a while and have found a few answers but I still have some questions for people with experience. - Cable cutter or tender descender for ~10 lb rocket ? I will be building a LOC Warlock 54mm with a 6 ft main chute and I want to have some way of a low main...
  2. Burak

    How can i open the parachute without any system on 600m

    Hello! I should open the parachute of payload on 600m. And i shouldn't use any recovery system. Is this imposible? Or is there any solution? Payload is not inside on rocket - free fall
  3. tollyman

    Lets Talk About Parachutes

    The purpose that I am making this post is to have a discussion about all things parachutes and recovery. Although I do have a few particular questions and want to hear others opinions, I want there to be a place where alot of this information can be found in one spot. Im sure there are other...
  4. P

    SOLD Parachutes & Blankets

    Hello all. I cleaned up more Sunday - again. This week I found: Qty (1) Fruity Chute 36" eliptical 4.8 pounds to 20 fps Used but good condition (has a very small 3/4 X 1/8 rip in one of the panels) I don't remember that happening. Sorry for not seeing it sooner. Orange / Black /...