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  1. M

    Gore DXF generator file. (Automatic parachute designer)

    When designing parachutes on your own, the process can be quite challenging. That's why I've developed a manual along with a program that generates DXF files for the gores intended for laser cutting. Currently, it's tailored for hemispherical parachute designs featuring a small spill hole. I...
  2. Buddy Michaelson

    Rocketman Parachutes Massive Black Friday Sale!!

    Happy Black Friday everyone!! Don’t forget our massive sale going on with 20% off our entire website with Free Shipping in the USA! This includes hundreds of recovery products with all of our parachutes, deployment bags, harnesses and hardware on sale. Our popular rocket kits such as the GoFast...
  3. wij

    Large/Heavy Rocket Recovery.

    I have searched the recovery forum for a while and have found a few answers but I still have some questions for people with experience. - Cable cutter or tender descender for ~10 lb rocket ? I will be building a LOC Warlock 54mm with a 6 ft main chute and I want to have some way of a low main...
  4. Burak

    How can i open the parachute without any system on 600m

    Hello! I should open the parachute of payload on 600m. And i shouldn't use any recovery system. Is this imposible? Or is there any solution? Payload is not inside on rocket - free fall
  5. tollyman

    Lets Talk About Parachutes

    The purpose that I am making this post is to have a discussion about all things parachutes and recovery. Although I do have a few particular questions and want to hear others opinions, I want there to be a place where alot of this information can be found in one spot. Im sure there are other...
  6. P

    Sold Parachutes & Blankets

    Hello all. I cleaned up more Sunday - again. This week I found: Qty (1) Fruity Chute 36" eliptical 4.8 pounds to 20 fps Used but good condition (has a very small 3/4 X 1/8 rip in one of the panels) I don't remember that happening. Sorry for not seeing it sooner. Orange / Black /...