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  1. kbRocket

    Construction and characterization of two small, flat, octagonal parachutes

    I am developing parachutes to recover two mid-power rockets with predicted descent masses of about 140 grams (~5 oz) and 280 grams (~10 oz). On larger rockets I usually make toroidal chutes and use dual-deploy. On these rockets I am going to pop the main at apogee and use flat parachutes...
  2. Kanishka Deepak

    Number of Gores Calculation

    How to determine the no. of gores required for a parachute? Are there specific formula to determine this? Is it determined by obtaining the inflation shock value? I want to design an elliptical parachute with diameter=30''.. The material chosen is appox. 1.4 oz ripstop nylon NOTE: My question...