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  1. D

    Doubt regarding parachute

    Hello everyone, hope everyone's doing good! So today finally came the day to start thinking and designing the parachute for my rocket. First of all some details, It is a 140cm high rocket roughly weighing 2kg, We are expecting it to reach an apogee of 800m and a velocity of 0.5 mach. So here are...
  2. M

    Determining number of gores for parachute.

    Hello, I already have diameter calculations for a small parachute: It is about 34 cm (13.38 inches). My only question is, how do you determine the number of gores a parachute must have? Is it more empirical?
  3. kbRocket

    Construction and characterization of two small, flat, octagonal parachutes

    I am developing parachutes to recover two mid-power rockets with predicted descent masses of about 140 grams (~5 oz) and 280 grams (~10 oz). On larger rockets I usually make toroidal chutes and use dual-deploy. On these rockets I am going to pop the main at apogee and use flat parachutes...
  4. Kanishka Deepak

    Number of Gores Calculation

    How to determine the no. of gores required for a parachute? Are there specific formula to determine this? Is it determined by obtaining the inflation shock value? I want to design an elliptical parachute with diameter=30''.. The material chosen is appox. 1.4 oz ripstop nylon NOTE: My question...