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  1. Scott Chase

    Rust-Oleum 2X Paint & Primer excellent Finish Hands Down!

    A Thank you to timbucktoo for donating the rocket The rocket is in perfect condition and ready to fly. The colors as you can see from the pictures are red and blue. I decided since the rocket is in such good condition I would give it some new paint. I sanded the rocket using a medium grit...
  2. J

    Painting CF, FG, and ABS Airframe

    Hi all, I've never done a spray paint job with any sort of precision before, so I hope you'll excuse that I don't know a lot. I just want to be as informed as possible to do as close to perfect a job as I can. My team has a 12ft long rocket with a 7.78" diameter fore section that transitions to...
  3. prfesser

    Krylon Fusion all-in-one does not play well with Frogtape

    I'm working on a modified Silver Comet. Glued a bunch of 1/4" tubes around the motor mount tube to give the appearance of jets on a 50s rocket. Realized I'd have to paint these tubes before gluing in the motor mount. Used Frogtape---that green stuff that is supposed to give real good paint...