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  1. jepawi

    Determination of orientation

    Hi everyone Im new to this forum so i hope i do everything right. I'm a mechanical enginnering student and currently working on a rocket with some collegues. Our ultimate goal is to build an active-stabelized rocket using fin-control. We're struggeling with the determination of the orientation...
  2. J

    Determining Orientation Off Vertical for Accelerometer Filtering Usage

    I'm working as part of my university's Spaceport team to develop a SRAD flight computer to assist with experiment control and future use with an airbrakes system for hybrid motors. We're looking to use a mix of baro + accel + GPS for state derivation, and one of the key points is trying to...
  3. Sparrowhawk

    Question about sensor filtering

    Hi! I'm in the process of programming a flight computer that I developed from the ground-up, and I was curious if people had insight into the best ways to solve for rocket position and orientation. I've seen a lot of information on Kalman filtering, but as far as I can tell those algorithms...
  4. T

    Orientation of the ejection charge for apogee deployment

    Hello fellow rocketeers, hope you are doing great. I was thinking about fitting my Eggtimer Apogee in the nose cone but then I realized the ejection charge should be oriented downwards, right? Then it would fire and push the parachute and the rest of the body downwards, and depending on how...