1. tjkopena

    CAD Software Polygon Interpolation in OpenSCAD

    Recently I did some work in OpenSCAD to interpolate polygons--- So that I could generate nosecones like this--- If that's of interest to anybody, the details & code are worked out here:
  2. K

    3D Printing OpenSCAD Fin Can Generator

    Several people have posted fin can generators. Most of them cannot generate round fillets. I thought, "How hard can that be?" Well, two weeks later I finally have something to share! The attached script lets you design fin cans. A "fin" is composed of up to three trapezoidal, simple fins...
  3. brennant

    CAD Software Best free 3d modeling software

    What do you believe is the best free 3d modeling software for rocketry. I have played with Tinkercad and am ready to learn a more advanced software