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  1. Timothy

    How do I edit the OpenRocket material database?

    In OpenRocket, I added several custom materials. Is there a database (such as a JSON file) that I can edit? If not, how do I delete the extra materials I added? I highlighted the material I want to delete below:
  2. P

    Open Rocket "exception" error and inability to simulate a whole test when testing a two stage rocket

    Hello! I'm doing a two stage low power rocket in Open Rocket for a competition. However, whatever the shape of my rocket is, the software isn't able to simulate the first stage's flight after it detaches, showing an event called " exception" in the simulation's graph. Also, the graph can't show...
  3. Alan R

    LOC 4" Micro-Magg .ork file

    I needed to sim some motors, and I couldn't find the 4" Magg file anywhere. This is down-scaled from the widely-available 5.5" Mini Magg. Most components from the DB. Some measurements are from my own rocket. The rest are just a guess. Posted here cause someone else might want this someday.
  4. RocketEnthusiast101

    Need help regarding OpenRocketv15.03 execution

    hi. I'm facing an execution issue regarding open rocket software. I have the latest java software. However whenever I download open rocket-15.03 from their website. It downloads the file in WinRAR format in my download section. To try to fix this issue I tried using the notepad method (basically...