open rocket

  1. lakeroadster

    Open Rocket Software Verification Models

    Centuri Technical Information Report #33 is a report, written by James Barrowman, that defines the long hand calculations for determining the center of pressure of a model rocket. In Open Rocket I replicated the (3) rocket examples shown in the report. These can be used as verification for the...
  2. Frosty_Burrito

    RasAero II Apogee Discrepancy with OpenRocket

    I wanted to verify our apogee (and the rest of the flight) predictions between OpenRocket and RaeAseo II. After importing the rocket into RasAero II and making sure that everything matched the OpenRocket, I ran the simulation and found that the apogee varied between OpenRocket and RasAero II by...
  3. stuart.mitchell

    Apache Log4J Exploit

    Hi there! A couple of days ago a very serious exploit was identified in the Apache Log4J Java logging library. As a few of our team use Open Rocket, we were wondering if Open Rocket uses this library, and if so, whether or not anything is being done to mitigate against it (patches, etc)...
  4. K

    open rocket , recovery device deployment error

    i am new to open rocket and tried making a 2 staged rocket. i am continuously getting the recovery device deployment at high speed error. i will add the file.
  5. noob

    OpenRocket Payload Separation

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to simulate payload separation with Open Rocket. I was able to simulate deploying payload within a nosecone using stage separation. Now, I need to simulate a payload being deployed from a different section of the Rocket. Is it possible to simulate this...
  6. noob

    Payload Deployment OR

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to simulate payload separation with Open Rocket. I was able to simulate deploying payload within a nosecone. Now, I want to simulate a payload being deployed from a different section of the Rocket. I hope this has been discussed before if so can you...
  7. T

    Freefall in openrocket

    Hi, is there any way to simulate free fall / drop test from a certain altitude to landing point? Thanks.
  8. T

    Air launch in OpenRocket?

    Hi, basically, how do you simulate air launches in OpenRocket? Thanks.
  9. F

    OpenRocket Simulation Different from "live" simulation

    Hi all, after doing a simulation in OpenRocket 15.03 I noticed my simulation results were different than the ones in the bottom left corner. Whats the reason for this? P.S. Rocket looks weird due to TVC system P.P.S Any recommendations as how to improve the apogee and stability of the rocket...
  10. turkkusuroket

    Open Rocket Payload Data Export

    I need to payload flight simulations from open rocket.I want to plot export of payload.(altitude to time graph)
  11. Miles Goodson

    Altitude to expect on a Estes F engine?

    Hi all, back again with another(probably dumb) question. I've been designing my next rocket in OpenRocket, which flies on an Estes F15-8. The apoapsis in the simulation is 454 meters, and I was wondering if this was an average apoapsis for this kind of motor, or if I just did something wrong(I...
  12. Chilly

    4" Mercury Redstone File?

    Hi all, Been away from the forums for a long time (more on that later), and I'm back with a question... I'm finishing up a Boyce Aerospace Mercury Redstone builder's kit (4" diameter) and need a Rocksim or Open Rocket file. Does anybody have one? Thanks!
  13. Miles Goodson

    Open rocket stability number?

    Hi all, I just got Open Rocket to simulate an F powered rocket that I'm building, and for some reason, I can't get the stability number past 0.6! I've tried everything. Any ideas on what to fix?
  14. Scott Chase

    Help With Fins In OpenRocket

    When I view my rocket design in unfinished mode the fin look like they are not flush with the air frame. Can anyone suggest a fix.
  15. F

    TARC Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm leading a TARC team for the first time this year and I had a few questions. 1. We are using OpenRocket to model the rocket and everything looks fine but the flight time looks a little unrealistic. We are using two body tubes and the weight of the rocket is around 300g right...
  16. A

    OpenRocket tips?

    I'm fairly new to rocketry, and my professor wanted us to first simulate the model rocket apogee on OpenRocket, then use an altimeter to check the actual apogee and compare the two. This was so we could use OpenRocket to design a higher power rocket in the future. But on some occasions, the...
  17. cuhuck

    Some Questions About open rocket

    Hi, I'm gonna ask you a few questions about Openrocket 1-How is the shock cord passed under the useful load? 2-How does Payload fall apart from the rocket? 3-Can you link to a detailed video or forum about open rocket?
  18. mariohm1311

    Pitch rate integration in OpenRocket

    I was writing some code, which would take data from OR to test a few algorithms. In particular, I needed pitch, yaw and roll rate data. However, when I checked OR, I found something very strange. Pitch rate (and probably roll/yaw rate) are not continuous. In fact, if you invert the data...
  19. M

    Open Rocket Help

    Hello. I'm trying to design my own rocket. I recently downloaded Open Rocket, but am unable to figure out how to launch the application. I've looked on the Open Rocket web site , but was unable to find any clear instructions. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? ( I am using...
  20. J

    Estimation of moment of inertia and CG of model rockets

    Is there any open rocket software which can give moment of inertia and Center of Gravity of rocket system. OpenRocket is able to give CG output but i am not finding moment of inertia data.