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  1. ReynoldsSlumber

    Old tractors, new tractors: Flying Pitchfork, Cluster F, TetraJet

    Inspiration In the days of yore, when reading G. Harry Stine's Handbook of Model Rocketry, an image toward the end of the chapter on staging struck me: The wheels in my head started spinning and couldn't be stopped. Pitchfork I built an Estes BT-50-based tractor parallel-staged model...
  2. hambirm2018


    Take a look at this one! Will the Dino Fly?
  3. artapplewhite

    29mm Priority Cinco

    I have posted the plans for a 29mm Priority Cinco on my website, on the "Free Stuff" page. Instructions and templates are there so that anyone can build a 29mm Cinco type flying saucer using cardboard and Elmer's glue. I appreciate feedback. Art Applewhite www.artapplewhite.com