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  1. OverTheTop

    3D Printing 4" Bulkhead CAD Model

    This bulkhead suits 4" fiberglass coupler. Has provision for a 3pin and 4pin JST XH connector for providing battery charging. Also provision for an o-ring to seal ejection charges from getting past. This one was printed in resin on a Formlab 2. Watch out for dimensional changes...
  2. farsidius

    CTI 75mm O-ring Grain Spacers Mis-sized - anyone else?

    Didn't see a post about this (not that the search function would have found it) so I thought I would ask. Went to assemble a CTI M2045 Blue Streak (6 gr) at our club launch two weeks ago and all the grain spacer O-rings were the wrong size. Someone on the assembly line had mistakenly packaged...