1. AtomicStorm

    Parachute selection

    Im doing a few lpr builds and i got a few yards of 1.1 ripstop nylon in the mail today from ripstopbytheroll. I am interested to hear what design of parachute you guys and gals like the most. I original liked the helicopter design because of the cool look, less material needed, higher drag, but...
  2. rdrown

    Filling screw holes in plastic (polystyrene?) nose cone.

    I have a 4 inch mad cow patriot kit and it has a plastic nose cone. I had to add 100 grams of lead to nose and glued it in with gorilla glue polyurethane glue. I then inserted three screws into the glue and lead. The screws are countersink and I would like to fill this in to smooth it out...
  3. T

    Sold Recovery Bonanza!

    Two big sets: mostly nylon recovery stuff, plus a few extras, and a set of Kevlar recovery. I am selling as sets only, so if too much for one, go in with a buddy or distribute to your club! Some of cords have been used up to twice, some are new. Freebies include a few smaller cords, quick...
  4. sinclag

    New Hobby Parachute Line

    BlackCat Rocketry is delighted to announce the creation of a new line of hobby rocketry parachutes. Made from 1.1oz ripstop nylon Printed in 3 colour patterns sizes 10" and 12" diameter mil-spec paracord Perfect fore those small rockets where weight and airframe space are limited...