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  1. KennB

    09 October 2021 -CMASS Launch and NRC Event - Amesbury, MA

    Our launch scheduled for 09 October will be somewhat subdued. The wind is predicted to be blowing at a moderate speed from the east the whole time we will be on the field. This means no high-power launches. Also, any mid-and low-power flights must be kept under 1000-ft altitude. As far as I...
  2. KennB

    CMASS Club Launch and NRC Event - 04 September 2021 - Acton, MA

    We will fly from the Acton School Street field on 04 September from 10 to 4 as long as the weather and the volunteers hold out. As usual, Acton is a small field so we are limited to low- and mid-power rockets. Be careful pairing your motors and rockets to be sure you recover on the field...