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  1. Cameron Anderson

    Aerotech M750 nozzle issue

    First time M750 flyer here. There appears to be channel around the nozzle that the liner rests on (on the diagram screenshot you can see the liner does not rest in the groove but rather on it). My nozzle groove is gouged and chipped in several spots. Anyone know the condemnation criteria for...
  2. K

    xx Large amount of rocket items - Need help pricing

    I recently purchased a house and the previous owner was a rocket enthusiast. He had a lathe and made all sorts of stuff for rockets on it. He left all of his rockets and related items. I have no idea what there worth or if there outdated. I live in lake Zurich Il. If anyone could help me I would...
  3. J

    KNSB Rocket Motor Nozzle

    Hi, I visited the site of Nakka Rocketry and tried to use an excel document to figure out the best shaped nozzle for my rocket, but it didn't work for some reason. Here are my rocket motor specs, maybe you can help me out with how to get the best nozzle design? - Motor case: 3/4 inch PVC...
  4. F

    Nozzle Design Concept

    Hello, Are there any considerations to take into account when trying to design your own nozzle? I learnt many things from Nakka Rocketry, however, didn't find many information regarding rules of thumbs for nozzles.
  5. J

    38/720 casing question

    Hi all, I'm currently working in a final degree project and I'm designing a nozzle for our university rocket. As it is close of power to the I600R engine I would like to use its casing for my nozzle. My idea is to make the nozzle metalic and screw it in the casing. The problem is the follwing...