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  1. tg08

    Pre-Molded Plastic "Eyelets" in HPR

    Hello, just had a question about the plastic eyelet-type things that come on plastic nose cones. Would you recommend using those? They seem a bit flimsy. Could I slather it in epoxy to reinforce it, and attach my shock cord to there? If not, how would you go about attaching shock cords to your...
  2. M

    Where can I mount a GPS other than the nose cone?

    So I have a Featherwight GPS and I'm wanting to mount it to a Darkstar Jr.. Issue being that I've already Epoxied the nose cone bulkhead in place and I don't have the parts to do any modifications to the nose cone between now and the next month or so because I am transitioning between jobs but I...
  3. xpertas

    Problem About Nose Cone

    So I'm making a rocket which apogee's is 6233.60 ft, max velocity is 213 m/s and max acceleration is 72.5 m/s^2. So problem is my nose cone doesn't fit so well in body tube. I can feel the ledge when I touch between nose cone and body tube and the ledge is nearly 1mm. Is it a big problem?
  4. lowga

    Centuri Groove Tube Question

    Flying Saturday at our club launch, and I sent my Centuri Groove Tube (built circa 1975) up for it's 60-ish flight. This time on a Quest A3-6 composite motor. We had a good wind, and a lot of rockets were weather-cocking. It got off the bad well, but almost immediately pitched hard into the...
  5. Burak

    Interesting nose cone desing

    Hello everybody. I saw a missile design and i can't understand, why did designer use to this type? I didn't find an answer. I wondered your comments.
  6. Bungie64

    Found Estes Mammoth nose cone

    Anyone have an Estes Mammoth nose cone they are willing to sell me?
  7. Y

    Nose Cone Drawing

    I need to draw a nose cone using solidworks but I couldn't draw, can you help? power series ,parabolic series or haack series. I need one of these three. please help me
  8. Culprit

    3D Printing COVID Confusion Nose Cone

    Hello! Since paper towels and toilet paper appear to be quite desirable these days, I couldn't just throw the empty tubes away. LOL! I found a good Coronavirus model on Thingiverse and made it into a fitting nose cone in Fusion 360. The virus obviously needs supports, but PrusaSlicer also...
  9. Magin

    Nose cone desing

    Hi guys! We are desinging our rocket. Our aim is to reach 3000 m. Now we are dealing with desinginin nose cone. do you guys have any suggest or trick for nose cone desing.
  10. H

    Gps av bays for the nose cone

    I remember there was threads for this but I cant seem to find them. Wanting to know if there are any sites I can buy nose cone bays for the GPS. Highflyer1968
  11. cwbullet

    3D Printing Nose Cones by CWBULLET

    I am starting this thread to see which nose cones you want to see a file developed for printing. Which kit do you want to build that OOP. I will develop the file and post it in multiple sizes. Post your requests and like the thread if you want it to continue.
  12. M

    Openrocket Payload Deployment

    Hi, I want to deploy both nose cone and payload together at apogee in openrocket. I couldn't even figure it out how to deploy payload. There is a parachute in the nose cone section but when I open it, the mass of the rocket doesn't change, so the payload stays in the rocket. Is openrocket able...
  13. jahall4

    Fiberglass or plastic nosecones for BT-60 tubing?

    Anyone out there 3D printing/selling nosecones for BT-60 tubing? Specially interested in Ogive 5:1 or Von Karman profiles.
  14. M

    29mm nose cone?

    I am trying to find options for a 29mm nose cone. I've made a rocket using Public Missile 29mm motor tube and now need to find a nose cone. I thought it would be easy, but it's not proving to be. So far, I have only found one at Apogee. It's not bad - it's the one that sits atop the apogee...