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  1. KennB

    CMASS Launch - 19 November, 2022 - Amesbury, MA

    The weather isn't looking too good for our scheduled launch on 12 November. Sunday the 13th looks better. I'll be making a decision by Thursday evening about any rescheduling. All the usual Amesbury rules apply. We'll have NRC flying available and we will cap off the day and the year with a...
  2. KennB

    CMASS Launch - Amesbury, MA - 21 November 2020

    It's time to wrap up the 2020 flying season, such as it's been. We'll have our normal launch from noon to four, then breakdown and pack up all the gear and set up a small set of pads to do our night launch. Please read the information we have published about the COVID-19 rules and restrictions...
  3. Rocketmom


    Are you a NRC flyer? How about an Tripoli EX flyer? If so, then NYPOWER in Geneseo NY will be your event this Memorial day weekend! Yes we are hosting NARAM in July but MARS Club is now a Tripoli Prefecture, so not only can you fly NRC events at our glorious mowed grass field, you can also fly...
  4. Susan Sakimoto

    High Power "Fill a clear tube with a LED and EL wire light show" build. What body tube material ?

    I am starting the design of a level 2 rocket build with a friend who wants to help stuff it full of arduino-run LED's and EL wire for a fun night launch to be filmed with high speed film. Does anyone have experience with acrylic versus polycarbonate clear body tube builds? Or do you have a...
  5. KennB

    CMASS 16 November 2019 Launch and Night Launch - Amesbury, MA

    As has been the case for most of our launches this year, the soccer crowd won't be using the field (and who would have road race this time of year) so there should be plenty of easy parking. It would be great if we could have someone volunteer their car/van/SUV for shuttle use. Volunteers for...
  6. KennB

    CANCELLED Mother Nature wins this one - CMASS 17 November 2018 Launch and Night Launch - Amesbury, MA

    Our final launch of the season was scheduled for this Saturday, the 17th of November but is being postponed until some date in the future. When we reschedule, we’ll start set up about 9:30 in the morning and fly as soon as we can. More hands helping will get us going sooner. The soccer crowd...