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  1. kmancali

    New member

    Hi, I’m a new member here, but no stranger to model rocketry. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin. We used to launch them on our lake in the winter where recovery was easy, but crashes were brutal. Fast forward 30 years and now I’m the dad doing it with my kids in San...
  2. Swoop

    Hello from Texas!

    Hello! My name is Swoop and I am currently rediscovering the model rocketry hobby. I had several models as a kid and loved flying low powered rockets then. Im really excited to introduce my kids to this hobby and I would also love to learn about high power rockets as well. I think it would...
  3. robbied186

    Hello fellow rocketry peoples!

    Hello everybody. I've been into rocketry since 1998ish. My first kit was an estes Mighty Mites set and that was the gateway for me! I've recently gotten the rocket bug again and from the pictures you can definitely tell. I'm currently around the Okeechobee Florida area closer to Ft Myers...
  4. mperegrinefalcon

    Sold 2 Brand new kits

    Hey all, I am selling off these last 2 kits. Both sim files are attached. These are both designed by me and were test fitted to insure perfect fit. Both sims attached. The Delta sim is the mass of mine completed, I have not completed the Having A Blast yet, so no finished weight on that one yet...

    Found WANTED Cesaroni 54mm 4 Grain Motor Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-4 grain motor case, in good condition and clean. Thanks