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  1. hambirm2018

    LRC 872

    Hey fellas! Check out the following club in Colorado LRC 872. I just started the section and would like to get together.
  2. PeterP

    NAR Level 2 Exam Question

    Hey all! This may be explained elsewhere, but I'm having a hard time finding reliable information about taking the NAR Level 2 exam. I received my Level 1 in March and decided it was time to go for my Level 2. I have the rocket, motor, and a launch date picked out. The only thing left is the...
  3. DaveW6DPS

    Two Months to NSL!

    Are you ready? Are you coming? Do you plan to fly cool rockets? Inquiring minds would like details! We have five rocket/motor vendors confirmed. There is a lot of information on the NSL 2018 web site.
  4. WV8KE

    The Journey to Level 1: Madcow Patriot 2.6in

    My first attempt at Level 1 HPR certification didn't go quite as planned. I started with a Madcow Patriot 2.6 in Fiberglass kit, simulated using Open Rocket, and documented the build. Patriot rev1 Upload 1 by WV8KE posted Sep 17, 2018 at 9:17 PMPatriot rev1 Upload 2 by WV8KE posted Sep 17, 2018...