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  1. R

    I want to get into high altitude mid-power rocketry, and I have a few questions that I need answers to.

    My first question regards the next rocket I plan to build, which is the Estes Star Orbiter. I am going to modify it into a two stage rocket, the booster stage being 3D printed. And I will use an Estes F15-0 and an F15-8. If the projected altitude with one engine is around 1800 feet, how high...
  2. TeslaPenguin1

    3-stage DCC setup?

    I am building a 3-stage model rocket that goes D-C-C. However, I am confused about how to arrange the motor mounts. Could someone please post a diagram or something of how to do this? Thanks!
  3. JDcluster

    Who Vents their Inter-stage Couplers?

    Just a little poll on who does what and ideas behind it. I do.