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  1. Tobor

    2.64" Madcow Bomarc

    This will be a somewhat detailed build thread of my Madcow 2.64" Bomarc, with lots of photos :). I purchased it from Madcow during their 20' Black Friday sale, with the help of a $40 gift certificate I received from my 2019 Secret Santa. TY SS :). Note that I deviated significantly from...
  2. R3verb

    Project Overkill Build log (Estes #9716 Star Orbiter)

    Back in 2022 Estes had a Black Friday sale and I picked up the Estes Star Orbiter ( for pretty cheap and it came with an adapter and some engines. After reading Leo's terrific thread...
  3. Tobor

    Estes Mako Upscale

    So I've finally gotten around to starting this build... A pic of my current config for the LOC version of the Mako. And this finished printing about 45 minutes ago. A 20+ hour print. The right half of the Ring Fin mold. I will use the mold to fiberglass the cardboard ring fin.
  4. F

    Download OpenRocket designs

    I am new to rocket software, and mid power rockets I want to try OpenRocket and was thinking that some must have made a lot of designs. Is there a place (Website) where there is designs to download ? And then adapt it to my rocket :) I have build a Aerotech Initiator (not mega) and I know that...
  5. HOMA

    BMS School Rockets, 29mm and Cluster

    First off my Thanks to @Alan R and @waltr for their contributions in Alan's build thread. I have several sims attached and for the 3" School Rocket I used their sims as my starting point. The sims attached with the -stock label are for anyone else that needs them. I have adjusted all the weights...
  6. TheBru

    MPR & FAA Waivers

    I have seen a few places where folks bring up the altitude waiver when talking about MPR launches at a club and I was hoping the collective mind could help clarify something for me. Why does the waiver matter for LPR and MPR? According to NAR's own website, which references FAA 14 CFR 101.22...
  7. CKaul04

    24mm screw on retainer diy???

    I would like to know of ideas for 24mm screw on motor retainers. Thanks
  8. CKaul04

    Upper LP Michigan Rocket Club Interest?

    Is there anyone who would be interested in starting a rocket club in the upper LP(lower Penisula). I live 2 hrs from every other club in MI. I have a bunch of equipment for launches!
  9. CKaul04

    How Can I get free Rocket stuff?

    Like many people, I am cheap, and not shy to admit it, so when it comes to my passion(rockets) how can I get free stuff ranging from kits, motors, and nose cones, all the way to engine hooks and centering rings? Thanks, Colin
  10. boatgeek

    Spruce Goose Build Thread

    I've been teasing a few things in the "what did you do" threads, and I finally have enough done to kick off a build thread. This is another rocket from Boatgeek's House of Weirdball Rockets(tm): a mid-power rocket with a spruce airframe. I'm also taking a crack at making this rocket have no...
  11. Tobor

    WM Eagle Claw Sport

    Well, even though I told myself I would not start a new build until I completed the four rockets currently on my work table, I couldn't resist starting this one. It's a Wildman Eagle Claw Sport. Received it as a Christmas present from GF. So here I go again... Side note: When I was about to...
  12. B

    Beyond glue fillets

    I’m starting to move from low-power to mid-power. I’m also trying to make my low-power rockets (mostly exotic space-themed) more professional. Lastly I want my scale models to look clean. Is Rocketpoxy too much for lpr and mpr fin fillets? Is there a step beyond wood glue or elmer’s I should...
  13. Sean Witte

    Non-Pyro Ejection

    Hey everyone, I am in a situation where I want to use electronic deployment of a drogue chute at apogee then two main chutes at a lower altitude. There is also no engine with an ejection charge in this section of the rocket because the booster is separated after its burn. The problem here...
  14. kevindcornwell

    Taurus Alpha

    My latest for Christmas fun. 6 fins of 1/16" ply on a BT-80 fuselage. No payload - it's just a clear body tube. 40" tall with 24mm motors (up to F with reloads). 20mm rail and 24" chute in fin tube with a baffle so no extra ejecta. Here's the thorn in my side: The 'milky' result on the coupler...
  15. kevindcornwell

    Military Base Launches

    There is a particular Military Base (Bradshaw AAF) that I would like to approach to see about doing either an annual or semi-annual HPR Launch Day(s). The airspace is restricted (of course). I think (that's probably dangerous) that the FAA is not involved since it is an MOA. I need some guidance...