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  1. M

    Where can I mount a GPS other than the nose cone?

    So I have a Featherwight GPS and I'm wanting to mount it to a Darkstar Jr.. Issue being that I've already Epoxied the nose cone bulkhead in place and I don't have the parts to do any modifications to the nose cone between now and the next month or so because I am transitioning between jobs but I...
  2. V

    IMU Mount

    Hi There! Do you have experience with mounting IMUs in rockets so that no vibrations are transferred during the flight? Do you have any application examples? Thanks in advance my friends!
  3. cwbullet

    Altimeter: Mounting Dimensions

    What does everyone think of a sticky with mounting dimensions for the various altimeters out there? I saw one for the raven. I am sure there are more available.