mounting cameras

  1. SkyWhal3

    Caddx 'Walnut' 4K action cam + Mach1 AV Bay

    I decided to go with a Caddx 'Walnut' action camera for the onboard video. I poorly integrated it into a Mach1 Rocketry 65mm Avionics bay with 0.3mm to spare. :) The Walnut has: 2.7k resolution @ 60fps. (4k@30fps) 128GB storage On board...
  2. Greg Furtman

    Video Cameras and Mounting Techniques

    I've done some searching here but have not found what I'm looking for. I'd like to know what types of video camera people are putting onboard HPRs, mounting techniques, and positions. I'm a Tripoli Level 1 member and an advisor to a rocket team that will compete in this year's First Nations...