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  1. F

    Cesaroni opinions and where to buy

    hi! So I was looking at buying the Cesaroni H225-W rocket motor for my level one certification launch. However, the only reason I am even looking at this one is because the other two motors I was interested in, H110 and H120, are both sold out on most websites I was looking on. i’ve been running...
  2. orbitboybob

    Empty MMX Casings, Anyone?

    Hi All - Happy Holidays!!! It has been years since my last visit here, but I thought I would take a shot and see if anyone could help me out. I have a project I'm working on that would have use of SPENT MMX motor casings. Nozzle in, nozzle out, not a real problem, but definitely the later ones...
  3. RocketMan1234

    Can you build J and higher motors at home without having a Level 1 Certification?

    I just wanted to know if you can build J and higher solid motors at home without Level 1 Certification. Also if there are any federal or state regulations in the California, US that prohibit it.
  4. Kirk G

    Estes Historical Collectors for memorabilia

    Hi guys, It's been a few years, but I'm still around. Recently, I scored a home-made launcher and a set of five cardboard Cox motor packages with 11 motors and some Centuri starters in an original paper envelope. The date codes on the motors are from 1969 and 1971, leading me to think that...
  5. Motors purchased at spring fest

    Motors purchased at spring fest

    A fraction of the motors I purchased at spring fest
  6. LamaAni

    Interesting Rocketry ideas, videos and texts, from the basic to the obscure

    Hi All, I recently watched a lot of videos and read some texts about interesting rocketry ideas, mostly futuristic/new ideas and I was wondering if anyone here was interested in them or can share what videos/texts they have read and seen. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post...
  7. S

    Aerotech (Apogee) C6-10 13mm x 83mm Motors

    Aerotech used to make a C6-10 13mm motor, sold through Apogee that was great for competition altitude rockets. I don't believe Aerotech has any plan to bring these back, does anyone still have these laying around or know where it might be possible to buy some?
  8. Lukun7

    Larger 13mm motors?

    I have some Estes A10 engines that I want to fly in a custom rocket to have a high launch in a tiny rocket, so I was wondering if there are larger 13mm motors that can be classified as Bs or Cs, so if you know of any where could I get them or how could I make them with homemade rocket fuel...
  9. Luzwingnut

    ESTES PATRIOT (#2056) Motor Upgrade

    NEED some ideas!! Seeking to UPGRADE a stock (and as yet UNBUILT) Estes Patriot to use BOTH the stock 18mm motors AND 24mm motors (bigger C's, D's, and maybe E's). a.) Have read that Estes rocket power recommendations are conservative. b.) Wish to LEARN the various techniques required for the...
  10. rocketboyz

    Inventory Sell-out - Remaining items

    have a few items remaining with great prices. I attached a link to Flickr with images and uploaded some pics, if this does not work, send an email to [email protected] and I will forward the .XLS spreadsheet Thanks for looking and Carpe Caelum Steve...
  11. markkoelsch

    3 New Aerotech motor certifications and motor files

    Hello, TMT has tested and certified the 3 Aerotech motors. They are two 29mm Super Thunder end burners- the G11 and G12. Also tested was the J520, which is now certified for delay use versus its previously plugged forward closure only configuration. Complete Aerotech motor files can be...