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  1. jotdown

    Withdrawn Aerotech M1350 DMS (price reduced)

  2. RocketRoll

    Is a Pro38 I540-15A real?

    In 2022, I bought a Pro38 I540 advertised as an I540-16A White Thunder. I'm silly for just noticing this now, but the packaging I received says it's an I540-15A White Thunder. The QR code instructions point me to instructions that list 15 seconds as the maximum delay time: But my packaging...
  3. kmancali

    3D Printing 3D Printed Sentinel - Which motor?

    Hi, I recently found this 3D printed Sentinel model, which I printed upscaled to a BT-55 size. I weighed the entire thing and it comes out to 4.7oz (133g). I'm wondering if I could go with a D-12 motor, or if I'd be better off with an E-12 motor? Any thoughts? I can share more info if needed.
  4. T

    HPR Motor in stores in Virginia!

    Does anyone know of any stores in Virginia that sell HPR motors? I am striking out everywhere I call and wondering if anyone knows of any. Thank you!
  5. orbitboybob

    Empty MMX Casings, Anyone?

    Hi All - Happy Holidays!!! It has been years since my last visit here, but I thought I would take a shot and see if anyone could help me out. I have a project I'm working on that would have use of SPENT MMX motor casings. Nozzle in, nozzle out, not a real problem, but definitely the later ones...
  6. S

    24mm vs 29mm motor choice

    Hi everyone, we are new students that are new to rocketry but attempting the American Rocketry Challenge. We've designed our rocket but can't decide on the size on our engine mount. We've simulated the rocket design but everyone says you can't trust it until you fly it and adjust the drag in...
  7. dknight

    Sold Cesaroni 98 mm 6 grain case, 2 grain case, closures and spacer

    Getting rid of some hardware I'm not using right now. For sale is a 98m 6 grain Cesaroni case, a 98 mm 2 grain case, a 98m set of closures and a 98 mm spacer. The 2 grain case and closures have flown a couple times and I bought them in 2011. The 6 grain case and spacer have never been flown as...
  8. M

    Potential risks of using an older, air exposed motor?

    I'm currently gearing up to build my L2 around a CTI K1200WT, currently simming around 11k and Mach 1.25. Realistically, I'm going to fly it on a J140 or something low and slow first so I can actually get certified, but afterward I'd send it on the big boy. I could buy a fresh K1200, but one of...
  9. Samsulajojo

    Sold 75MM research snap ring casing set

    I have a complete set of 10 - 75 mm research snap ring casings. The longest casing measures 35” the shortest casing measures 14.5”. It also includes a case of nozzles, closures and snap rings. I never was able to get into research motors. With my time constraints buying motors is better for me...
  10. M

    BP engines specifically for swing testing

    So maybe this a problem no one besides myself needs solved but in all my years of rocketry I didn't think to do this until now. My dad was old school and wouldn't fly a design unless it passed a swing test and with very few exceptions I inherited this part of the hobby from him. (Yeah, I know...
  11. Mr G

    Where is your HPR sweet spot?

    What diameter rockets and motors do you prefer or fly most often? Choose what comes closest from the available choices. Select all that apply. Feel free to explain and add other preferences (e.g., cardboard vs fiberglass, DMS vs RMS, single vs dual deploy, etc) in your post.
  12. GaryT

    Found WANTED! 75/3840 Motor Compete:

    Anyone have an Aerotech, Dr. Rockets, Rouse-tech, Monster Motor Works 75/3840 Motor compete with Forward and Aft Closures and seal disk? let me know if you have one in great shape. Thanks Gary T.
  13. T

    Wrong Size fo M2020

    Hello, me and my team are preparing for a rocket competition. We were given 2 engine options for us to use in our rocket. First choice is M2150 and second choice is M2020. We have to draw rockets in for 2 options. No problem for M2150. But the dimensions of the M2020 are incorrectly given in...
  14. Hitman

    Thrust Vectoring Rocket

    Hi, I am building a thrust vectoring rocket that has a long duration of burn time. Can anyone provide me an alternative for Aerotech G8 or G11 motor since they are no longer on stock anywhere. Thanks!
  15. Co-leader of the LRP

    Motor Tube Length Question

    I have been wondering about the length of motors vs the length of the motor tube,e question being can you fly a motor that it shorter than the tube in it? e.g. Estes 24mm motors have 2 sizes, the D12 being 7cm long and the E12 being 95mm long. If I had a motor mount with 96mm between the engine...
  16. jbgust

    Finocyl, star and end burner grain now available on METEOR

    Hi, First, best wishes for the new year. Today I publish a new version of METEOR. You can now use many different grains configuration (hollow cylinder, finocyl, star and end burner). Let me remind you that: you can also use your own propellant. export the motor result in RASP format (to use...
  17. RocketEnthusiast101

    Whats the altitude achieved by each type of motor?

    Hi. After searching on google regarding this topic, I did find calculations regarding the altitude achieved by rockets but I couldn't find an exact link related to this topic. I do know that there are several factors influencing the altitude gained by the rockets. But, I just want a rough idea...
  18. P

    Motor Test Stand for M Class Motors

    How to design a rocket test stand for M class motors? I have searched a lot but I did not find any resourceful thread on high power rocket test stand. Just to give an example, I want to design a test stand for Cesaroni Pro 75 M 2020 Motor. Thankyou!. Any designs or links to other threads are...
  19. M

    Minimum Diameter Rocket Build - Motor Questions

    I bought a Madcow 54mm FW nosecone and darn it, it didn't fit in the LOC 54mm tubing I have. I don't want to sand fiberglass, so naturally, I decided to buy all the matching Madcow FW tubing and some G10 fins and make it a minimum diameter! I think I have an idea of how I'm going to do the build...
  20. dvdsnyd

    Sold Aerotech / Dr. Rockets 54/1706 Complete motor hardware

    I have a Dr. Rockets 54/1706 Complete Motor hardware set available. - Case - Fwd Closure - Rear Closure - Seal Disk Everything in Fantastic condition, minus a nick on the Fwd Closure. Blemish does not affect assembly of the motor in any way, and does not appear inside the smoke well of the...