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  1. Azamiryou

    Motor mount design

    What are the design considerations for a LPR motor mount? What determines the length of the tube and placement of centering rings? I notice in kits the tube usually extends well past the thrust ring. Any reason for that? (I'm not talking about stuffer tubes, just an extra long motor tube.) Would...
  2. CameronMakesRockets

    3D Printing 3D Printed Motor Mount(s)

    Hello all! I recently got into rocketry and have enjoyed every moment it so far! While I was building a few rocket kits, I began thinking of ways to make some of the components with a 3D printer, especially parts that can easily be replaced, like motor mounts! Here in this image, I have a...
  3. N

    TARC challenge instability

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, so please excuse any ignorance. Our TARC team launched recently with an Ecnojet F20-7W, and we made it to 927 feet at apogee. The flight was an overall success. However, there was concerning stability issues off the launch rod (96 inches). The Rocket...
  4. G

    Plywood Thrust Plate for High Power Rocket

    A question for the experts on this forum: Is there good guidance / experience on the motor impulse / rocket diameter for which a plywood thrust ring is suitable rather than needing a metal one? The motivation for this question is a potential L3 design that is a 4" Fiberglass Body Tube with tube...
  5. Co-leader of the LRP

    Motor Tube Length Question

    I have been wondering about the length of motors vs the length of the motor tube,e question being can you fly a motor that it shorter than the tube in it? e.g. Estes 24mm motors have 2 sizes, the D12 being 7cm long and the E12 being 95mm long. If I had a motor mount with 96mm between the engine...