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  1. mindiameter

    Sold Experimental Chemicals, Motors, Casting Sets - BALLS 31 Delivery

    All, Slowly exiting the hobby = reducing inventory. Items for delivery at BALLS 31. Remaining inventory posted on Yard Sale with shipping provided. CHEMICALS (2) x 1 gallon R45M Price: $100/ea (1) x 1 gallon R45HTLO Price: $80 (3) x 5 lbs AP 90 (reserved) Price: $50/ea 21 lbs AP 200...
  2. S

    CTI 29 case seized

    Good day, with my local club launch in a week, I need to get this case ready ; the aft closure has seized terribly and nothing I have tried so far has been successful. So far I have tried, WD40, lubricant, hot water, knocking it against a hard surface, rubber grips, water pump pliers, and all...
  3. J

    Sold Collection, Motor Casings 29/38/54

    *this post is a "work in progress" so i will be editing it with new info for probably the first week its up* This is my late fathers collection. We both enjoy this hobby many years ago and I do not have plans of continuing with it. With that being said, I'm here to sell this collection as a...