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  1. kramer714

    Disposable Motor Adapter - DMA

    At one point I had 3 motor adapters from 29mm to 38mm, packing up my range box, I'm now down to one. I started thinking about it, yeah there was that launch were someone borrowed one for his Level 1 attempt...I never remember getting it back. Shame on me for being helpful... I decided to make...
  2. Mr Rocket

    Help with LOC MMA-2

    I am working on my L1, and recently got a Loc-Precision MMA-2, 38-29mm Motor Adapter. Included with the parts is a 3/4" length of 38mm motor tube. There is no mention of the part in the instructions. I assume it is to be glued to the aft end of the adapter to act as a thrust ring. However, 3/4"...