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  1. O

    Stability is getting drop at before Apogee in Openrocket

    Hello, I am new at the Forum. Because of that ı don't any idea for Forum rules. Anyway. I am designing High Powered Rocket at Openrocket. Rocket flights 3.000 Meter (10.000 feet). But i have a problem with Static Margin at Apogee, when i simulated.As you can see below Graphic, my Rocket's...
  2. Scott Chase

    Sold New Pre Built Rocket Loc & Aerotech Components

    New Pre Built Ready to Fly Rocket: Components are high quality and made to last By Loc Precision and Aerotech. $245.00 US dollars
  3. Scott Chase

    Sold Custom Mid Power Rocket

    Custom Dragon and Flames Rocket great way to just jump into Mid Power you will want to use Aerotech F67's to launch this rocket. I've launched these rockets and the are loud and fast. Perfect recovery. Heavy wall motor mount tube, heavy wall centering rings, Plywood fins. Prebuilt Rocket not a...
  4. Scott Chase

    Sold Estes Ascender Kit New in the box never opended

    As far as I know there are no more Ascender kits on the market. Estes did discontinue the PSII Ascender. I'm asking $90.00 and you pay the shipping. If you are Just getting into Mid Power rockets I can tell you everything about the Ascender what works what doesn't. What motors to use and what...
  5. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Any Experience with Tube Launching model rockets?

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be working on my Javelin missile model rocket soon! The launch tube computer will be controlled by a arduino uno to follow a launch sequence. The idea is to use Co2 to pressurize a 3d printed piston that houses the ignitor to push the vehicle. Then it'll eject the model...
  6. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    K-9 Model Rocket Landing Legs

    Hi everyone! I got a lot of request to open source my landing leg system to soften impact and perhaps even help to propulsivley land a model rocket. Tell me what ya'll think! I love feedback. These were based off of Joe barnard's design. I need to update the leg section on my website...
  7. M

    How to use Liquid fuel in a standard model rocket

    For a project for my world history class, I'm supposed to complete standards about the progression of technology and the development of rockets and nuclear warheads. My plan was to build three. One for the types of fuel during the cold war (still working on) 1 for between the cold war and the...
  8. J

    Bottle Rocket Project [Help]

    Hello! I’m currently doing a project for my Science class. Basically, we have to design a rocket from water bottles and try to make it have the most airtime. This includes from the time it launches to when it falls on the ground, parachute deployed and all. I’ve done a lot of research but...
  9. Adi Shmerling

    Possibility of 3D printed rocket components

    Hey guys, this is my first post here and my first excursion into model rocketry, so if you have any resources you think would help me out, let me know! I've wanted to build a small-sized rocket since a few summers ago, but only now am I actually considering going through with the task in a...