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  1. T

    "Deja Vu" - L2100X Submin to Mach 3.6 below 2500' AGL - Apogee at 21,000ft.

    You already know what time it is. Rabble rouser tsbooska is back at it again with more memes and dreams that have turned into a reality. This one started with @Zertyme from his thread "Gas Gas Gas" - a K17-1800X submin to M3.3ish. I decided to build a version 2 of that rocket, as Julien...
  2. T

    Hello Darling - An L1000 Submin to Mach 3 and 30,000ft.

    This thread is for putting information on this rocket out there into the TRF community. I have been documenting this thing in the r/rocketry community for the past 4 months or so, and I figured I'd make a thread here as well to share information and ideas. First off, a snapshot of the rocket...
  3. lowga

    Sold Wildman Rocketry Blackhawk 38

    Unbuilt, new in the box Wildman Backhawk 38mm minimum-diameter fiberglass screamer. Retails new for $142.95, selling for $100 including shipping in the lower 48 United States. PayPal preferred. I'm a longtime supporter of TRF and also "The...
  4. James Owen

    “Risky Business” - Minimum Diameter mach 2 attempt

    My next HPR project is ambitious, to say the least. There are a few aspects to the project: A) send a scratch built rocket over mach 2 on an L1 motor B) use a completely homegrown avionics + tracking system (I’m working on the necessary FCC stuff) C) get it all back in one piece. Current...
  5. M

    Cause of RUD at Max-Q

    I'm a member of a rocketry team at Purdue University, and our team's rocket broke apart right before burnout, probably supersonic. I thought we broke a fin, but the fincan was recovered with all 4 fins still solidly attached. Any ideas on the cause of failure? Video footage, wreckage, and .ork...
  6. A

    Estes Vapor 38mm MD on an I170

    I attended my last local launch for my L2 written exam and didn’t realize I could conduct my cert flight the same day so… I built this. From a partial Estes Vapor kit and some spare tube and hardware, it’s designed around a CTI 6-grain case. It’s lazily and heavily glassed tip to tip and top...
  7. LandonC

    Min-Diameter Launch Lug Options

    For some context, I'm building a 98mm min-diameter carbon fiber rocket that's outlined in my build thread. I'm not 100% what launch lug options are available for these types of rockets. I've seen people build their own launch towers that don't require launch lugs for smaller-sized rockets...
  8. emmah

    Build Thread: 38mm Min Diameter Fiberglass Estes Vapor, "City Pop"

    Back Story: Aesthetic Rockets and Drag Separations I've been enamored with Estes' Vapor rocket since I first saw it mentioned. It's over a meter tall, slender, and has those photogenic, long, triangular fins. The problem, for a long while, was that it was a Hobby Lobby exclusive, and there's...
  9. T

    Implementation of rocket motor (R. Nakka's Impulser) into a minimum diameter rocket

    Hi! This is my first post so hopefully I wont be breaking any rule or something, sorry if I do. Recently I have seen the Impulser rocket motor made by Richard Nakka and I can't seem to figure out how to 1) transmit the thrust generated by the motor to the rocket body tube (what methods could be...
  10. U

    Wildman Mach 2 on AT L1000W DMS??

    Hello all! This is my first time on this forum. I just got my L2, and to celebrate I wanted to build a (relatively) inexpensive high performance kit. I was looking at building a Wildman Mach 2 to fly on an AT L1000W DMS to keep the cost down, but of the good motor retention/shock cord mounting...
  11. mtnmanak

    29mm Minimum Diameter Dual Deploy Go Devil

    At some point, I had picked up a Composite Rocketry 29mm Go Devil and it had been sitting in the build pile for a while. (As a side note, I am really confused about the relationship between Rocketry Warehouse, Composite Warehouse and Madcow. Probably a discussion for a different thread.) We...
  12. Spitfire222

    Estes Xtreme Build Thread

    I picked up two of these kits from AC Supply, and I figured I'd do a quick build thread for this new rocket so others can see what the kit is like. There's nothing too special about this kit, it's basically a Hi-Flier, but for once I'm going to (mostly) build this one stock! I'll probably...
  13. A

    Minimum spacing for two rail buttons on a rocket

    Recently I found myself in the possession of a LOC 163 kit as a practice rocket for tip-to-tip fiberglassing, and I started thinking about where/how I would attach the rail buttons as it is intended to be a minimum diameter kit. I got to thinking, maybe I could put two rail buttons about 3"...
  14. Brian-Tampa

    Motor Adapter for Minimum Diameter Rocket

    Looking to build my first minimum diameter rocket. Currently thinking of the Mad Cow 2.2 Go Devil. It of course takes a 54mm motor. I was planning on epoxying a 54mm minimum retainer and then utilizing Aero Pack extenders for different 54mm case lengths. I would also like to use 38mm motors in...
  15. Jon Dubrick

    Carbon fiber tubes

    Working on plans for min diameter 98mm vehicle. What ID does the tube need to be to catch the aft closure? Motor casing on forward end will be screwed in. Thanks
  16. J

    Go Devil 54 for L1/L2 cert questions

    So I recently bought the Go Devil 54 kit for my L1/L2 certification. My university rocketry club is helping guide me through how to build it, however they've never built a minimum diameter(md) rocket kit and this is the first rocket I've ever gotten. I've researched motor mounting on md rockets...
  17. M

    Minimum Diameter Rocket Build - Motor Questions

    I bought a Madcow 54mm FW nosecone and darn it, it didn't fit in the LOC 54mm tubing I have. I don't want to sand fiberglass, so naturally, I decided to buy all the matching Madcow FW tubing and some G10 fins and make it a minimum diameter! I think I have an idea of how I'm going to do the build...
  18. H

    Minimum Diameter F Rocket

    Is it a bad idea to design a minimum diameter F-class rocket? My concern is the structural integrity of the rocket. I intend on 3D printing (PLA) it with a wall thickness of about 2-3mm. Does anyone have any experience with 3D printing minimum diameter mid-power rockets? Thanks
  19. BackSeatBryce

    Need Input on my 3" Min Diameter Project

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a 3" min diameter rocket, and overall I'm feeling pretty good about the design, but I have a few questions. A screenshot of the rocket is below, and I'll attach the OpenRocket file as well. 1. A friend suggested that I move the fins a bit forward to maybe 1" or...
  20. A

    TeleMetrum apogee deploy

    Hey guys has anyone used a Telemetrum for single deploy before? Like deploy main at apogee and thats it? And also if a 28 inch parachute is deployed as a parachute at like 10000ft and I am prepared to walk for however long it takes could I recover it? Like with GPS guidance from the telemetrum...