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  1. A

    Buzz Nau Omega Centauri Upscale u

    I just joined the forum and was in the last stages of an upscale build of a Buzz Nau design called Omega Centauri. I'm a BAR and since I'm stuck at home, have way more time time to build. Fortunately, I rent so my honey-do list was small and dispatched in the first week of stay at home in...
  2. Miles Goodson

    Altitude to expect on a Estes F engine?

    Hi all, back again with another(probably dumb) question. I've been designing my next rocket in OpenRocket, which flies on an Estes F15-8. The apoapsis in the simulation is 454 meters, and I was wondering if this was an average apoapsis for this kind of motor, or if I just did something wrong(I...
  3. Alan R

    DX3 - How does NC attach?

    Building a regular 2.6" cardboard Madcow DX3. Was following along the instructions, but there's nothing there about how you attach the nose cone. The DX3 has a payload section, the shock cord attaches to the bulkhead at the base of it. Nose cone in the top. But what do you do with the nosecone...
  4. Miles Goodson

    Mid Powered tube rocket?

    So I built a Mid powered rocket, an dit looks like it's going to fly really well. (I have yet to fly) I had some extra tube, and so I built a replica of the same rocket, but with tube fins. I hope to just be able to swap the nosecone out and fly them both on the same day. I did not know how...
  5. wyattjohnson35

    Best Place to Get Good Deal on Mid-Power Kits for High School Team?

    Hey all, I run a high school rocketry team called Atlas Rocketry that is focused on getting more teens interested in STEM through amateur rocketry. We're looking for places where we can get 12-15 mid-power rocket kits at an affordable price, or even donated. Before our team members start...
  6. SierraDrinker

    Adding rail buttons to an already-built model

    I want to add rail buttons to my Estes Star Orbiter. It is already full assembled and I have had successful launches on E engines. I'm planning on doing a launch with a little bit bigger engine than recommended and I want to get a little more stability at launch. Any suggestions?