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  1. B

    Marsa 33 Gyro and Pryo systems

    I'm designing a 2 stage rocket and the Marsa 33 looks like a good fit for my electronics needs because of the gyro safety lockout and remote pyro boards. However I'm trying to understand how they work together. In the poking around I've done, I see there is an expansion header that can have a...
  2. Cameron Anderson

    Marsa - quality products, quality support

    My Marsa33 worked well in bench tests but sled testing releaved a possible power connection issue. Without question, John replied to my email in hours and said he would replace the unit AND is letting me return it to him in person and save me the shipping. He was very helpful before I bought the...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Marsa33 power issue

    I have a new Marsa33 and the only way I can get it to power up is by wiggling the battery wires once they're connected. I'm using tested 9v batteries and different 9v connectors with different types of wires and the problem persists. Any ideas?