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  1. E

    Tango Papa 2x Mars Lander - looking for help & advice!

    A few years ago I purchased (what the instructions refer to as) a "pseudo-kit" from a fellow in the Seattle area: The Tango Papa 2x Mars Lander. Based on the instructions and materials included, I'm guessing this must have been a very early version of the kit. Old receipts for hardware that...
  2. sod4

    Semroc MX Mars Lander Build Thread

    First build thread! I've enjoyed reading all of yours' so much I wanted to contribute. I will say that Mach7's build thread is what sparked my interest in this kit! First step is to lay out the kit and verify that everything is present.
  3. jsargevt

    Sold Tango Papa 2x Mars Lander

    Another hard-to-find upscale for the 2020 winter building season! Another HP rocket that I don't think I will be able to fly any time soon due to losing our local field. Complete in-the-box 2x Mars Lander upscale. One of the local rocketeers at MMMSC used to have the Estes, 1.6x and 2x Mars...