madcow super dx3

  1. Mike Haberer

    L1 Build Question

    I'm building a Madcow Super DX3 for my L1 cert flight. My intention is to go low & slow SD for L1, then add a DD bay for bigger engines & higher flights. I tend to overbuild, so this may also be used for L2 cert. To make it SD/DD capable I intend to use the DD ebay without the bulkheads for the...
  2. Mike Haberer

    Internal Fillets for MMT Centering Rings?

    Question. When you build a three centering ring MMT for TTW fins, you can't get an internal fillet on the bottom side of the top centering ring to BT interface, and it's not easy to get one on the top end of the middle centering ring (you could theoretically inject through the fin slots and then...