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  1. VARocketflyer

    Sold Madcow 2.6" Fiberglass Black Brant II Kit - OOP

    I have a 2.6 inch fiberglass Madcow Black Brant II that has been in the build pile too long. Somebody needs to put this guy together and get some joy out of it. The quality on these kits is very good and they come with a bit more parts than your normal fiberglass kits do these days. No chute...
  2. hambirm2018

    Winter Storm Colorado

    Well the storm is about 5 hours away. Building with my new rocket kitchen set. It’s overkill but it works great for multiple rockets. Currently, I have 4 in various stages. Scratch True Value Rocket Estes Doorknob MadCow Jayhawk Scratch Stego-rocket on 29mm
  3. JDcluster

    Madcow / RW Trinity Cluster kit

    What's everyone's take on this kit? It was an early BF special as most of you know. I picked one up but, I'm a little confused as to why the booster is so short? It's a mere 25". I should have looked closer at the details.. it is what it is. The first motor that comes to my mind on this...