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  1. LandonC

    98mm Min-Diameter Composite Mach 3 Build

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get people's opinions/tips on a "little" project that my college rocketry team is working on. Intended to test our manufacturing capabilities in hopes that the lessons learned can be applied to our much larger competition multi-stage rocket, this project is...
  2. Designer Fly

    Mach1 Rockets Breaking Records?

    Who is planning a high speed / high altitude flight with one of Mach 1 Rocketry's BT60 Min Diameter Rockets? What is your set up? What (Alt/Speed) are going for?
  3. S

    convergent-divergent nozzle in OpenRocket

    In a compressible flow, when a fluid flows through a convergent nozzle, the fluid increases its speed; But when the fluid arrives at 1 mach speed, the convergent nozzle will desacelerate the fluid, but a divergent nozzle will acelerate the fluid. I would like to know if the software OpenRocket...