mach 1 rocketry

  1. swatkat

    Build Thread: New Mach 1 Rocketry Kit, the Nemesis! 54mm BT.

    With all the rainy weather and lack of any high power launches this year for Northern California (last one was Dec. 2018) I've had a LOT of time to build some high power birds. Hoping to have TEN new high power vehicles ready for next weekend's LUNAR launch. Steve has a few new kits and these...
  2. base890

    G10 3/32” fin warp fix

    I’m building my first fiberglass kit (MACH1 Alien Interceptor) and looking for advice to correct a bent fin. Dry fitting the parts I found one fin wouldn’t slot; looked it down the edge to find it warped by 1.5mm each end when flat along the root chord, and a little bit along the span. I can...
  3. Designer Fly

    Mach1 Rockets Breaking Records?

    Who is planning a high speed / high altitude flight with one of Mach 1 Rocketry's BT60 Min Diameter Rockets? What is your set up? What (Alt/Speed) are going for?
  4. deadalus52

    Going supersonic with easyglas'd LOC tube

    Hey there, everyone I just confirmed a bird I'm building may be light enough to break the sound barrier on an L1000! However, I'm concerned about the structural integrity of my building material. I have no doubt everything will hold up to the acceleration, but I'm concerned about the pressure...
  5. lowga

    Mach 1 Rocketry on the Rocketry Show Podcast

    Listened last night to the owners of Mach 1 Rocketry who were guests of The Rocketry Show podcast. Even though they are based here in Alabama, and both leaders in our NAR Section, I...